COVID-19 UPDATE: 12th November 2021

Kia ora SAE whānau

If we had kept to our original trimester dates, today would have been the final day of Trimester 3. But, as you know, we have extended the teaching year by 2 further weeks and will now officially end on Friday 26 November.

What occurs over these final 2 weeks depends largely on what’s needed to wrap up each particular course. Some courses have scheduled additional classes, some are focusing on students spending time in the studios, others are asking students to book out equipment to shoot off-site, some classes will have 2 weeks of one-on-one supervision, and many courses have extensions in place for final assignments. Reach out to your Course Coordinator or check out your Slack channel to see what’s been planned. 

However these next 2 weeks may unfold, I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity and finalise any outstanding work from across the year. We want to ensure you all get over the line and these additional 2 weeks give you the best chance of doing that. Please also reach out to your classmates and help them to get over the line too. It would be so disappointing to have just one assignment outstanding that prevented a student from completing the year. Let’s collectively help each other through this final stage.

I’d also like to remind you of the mental health support you can access as an SAE student. This ongoing lockdown has been both physically and mentally exhausting and I encourage you to consider the free and confidential professional counselling that SAE can provide. This professional service is organised for you by our Student Support team. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Alex Harter on or Alex Twidle on to discuss options. 

Good luck as you finalise your work in what has been a truly challenging year. I know many of you are so very tired, but we are on the final stretch now. Try to stay positive, focused and industrious. You would not have made it to this point, if you didn’t have the ability to finish this. I, and my team, know you can do it. And we are here to support you ever step of the way.

Noho ora mai,


Dr Suzette Major

Campus Director, SAE AUCKLAND