Music Production Workshop: Pro Tools - Mixing


Music Production Workshop: Pro Tools - Mixing

This workshop will help you become familiar with the software used in professional studios the world over. Speed up your workflow and develop advanced mixing techniques in these hands-on, intensive sessions.

This workshop runs for two six-hour sessions on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March from 10am - 4pm in SAE Auckland's Parnell based studios and computer labs.

For more information about SAE Creative Media Institute, visit the website or call 09 373 4712.

Strictly limited numbers, no door sales. Attendees must be 17 or older.



SAE Music Production Workshops

The SAE Music Production Workshops are comprised of six individual two-day workshops, during which you’ll learn the basics of DIY electronic music production. Dive into the fundamentals of industry standard software and production techniques. Each workshop is a self-contained introduction to the tools and skills you'll need to get off the ground with your music production goals using a particular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Attend any number of workshops in any order. Only interested in learning to use Logic? Just come along to the Logic workshops. Intrigued by the Ableton Live workflow? Get involved in those workshops. Need to sharpen up on your Pro Tools chops? You can just do the Pro Tools workshops if that's your thing.

Music Production Workshop: Pro Tools - Mixing (Get Tickets)


Strictly limited numbers. No door sales.