Girls Rock! at SAE Auckland


22 Jan 2021




Girls Rock! at SAE Auckland

22 Jan 2021


CAPTION: Wellington electronic artist CRYSTAL performs for the campers at SAE


SAE Creative Media Institute Auckland just concluded their first summer school-holiday camp hosting Girls Rock! Aotearoa on their Parnell campus from 18-23 January 2021.

Girls Rock! Aotearoa held their week long Tāmaki Makaurau holiday programme at SAE Auckland as their key partnership sponsor for the first time since it’s New Zealand inception four years ago. 

Due to the state-of-the-art studio and recording facilities at SAE, the Girls Rock! team were also able to facilitate their very first electronic band streams which proved popular with the campers of 2021.

Girls Rock! 2021 campers attended inclusive workshops for song writing, t-shirt making, DIY zines and music videos as well as instrument lessons and software tutorials. Campers finished off their experience by performing with their bands onstage at the Saturday showcase at well known local venue The Tuning Fork.

With lunch time performances by industry favourites Liz Stokes (The Beths), Theia, Huia, Babyteeth and CRYSTAL, the campers were treated with music industry talent and knowledge to tap into throughout the programme. 

With 2021 marking their second or third year attending Girls Rock! Camp, Fran Klein (15) and Evie White (14) said they were really impressed with the facilities and spaces at the SAE Auckland campus.

“My favourite part is the whole new experience here at SAE,” Fran said. “It’s a bit different to the last place we were. And as well, working with my band mates - it’s been such fun creating the lyrics and the music. And using the electronic side of producing… It’s been really fun!”

Evie said that choosing the new electronic stream was the highlight of her second Girls Rock! experience. “Working with my band mates has been one of the biggest highlights of Girls Rock! - being able to communicate with other people who love music - that’s one of my favourite parts for me.”

“SAE is a really nice campus! It’s really cool - the equipment on offer here is amazing. It’s been a really good opportunity to use good stuff that works so smoothly,” Evie said.

CAPTION: (L-R) Fran (15) and Evie (14) really enjoyed coming to SAE for the first time of Girls Rock! Camp Aotearoa

SAE Auckland Director, Dr Suzette Major says the experience was ‘really inspiring’ and was impressed with the positive work ethos of the Girls Rock! organisers and mentors, as well as the excitement and enthusiasm from the campers.

“It was an absolute pleasure to have so many budding musicians and music producers on campus, as well as hosting all of the organisers, volunteers and industry mentors who help to make Girls Rock! such an unforgettable experience for so many young people,” Suzette said.

“We understand that there are a lot more challenges facing young women and non-binary youth in pursueing a musical career, and we are extremely proud to be a part of fostering that support and providing safe spaces for them at SAE.”

CAPTION: Lead organisers Nicole Gaffney and Steph Stuteley address the Girls Rock! showcase at The Tuning Fork.

Chairperson of Girls Rock! Aotearoa, Nicole Gaffney is ‘really happy’ with the transition to SAE Auckland campus for the first time as well as the successful first run of the electronic stream

The campers had such a blast, learning new skills in songwriting, art, music video production and recording,” Nicole said. “Being at SAE Institute this year opened up the opportunity of a brand new electronic stream to our campers, where they learnt more about producing music digitally!

SAE Auckland will be looking to host Girls Rock! Tāmaki Makaurau again in 2022 - watch this space!

CAPTION: Girls Rock! Campers loved using the studios and equipment at SAE